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Country Pavilions

Country Pavilions

Country Pavilions are organized, different and customized, designs created for countries all over the world to promote Country Branding and to maintain healthy relationships with different countries.We at Regal consider every demand of the client and make it happen. We propound services like Consultancy, Designing, Space Planning, Supervision. These services not only make the clients project complete but also provide solution to your every needs.

Every Country pavilions we are design that usually a reflection of the culture, religion, way of living, and other attributes that distinguish the showcased country.A right information going to the audience that they visits these pavilions. Our well trained professionals specialises in unique country pavilion design & construction.

Our team of highly qualified and seasoned professionals will take time to:

  • First study your country’s culture
  • Sit and discuss your vision of the pavilion
  • Discuss the design before implanting it
  • Sharing the virtual design to seek your approval before execution
  • Asking questions from you to gather input about your specifications and vision about the pavilion

Bangladesh Pavilion

China Pavilion

India Pavilion

Indonesia Pavilion

Korea Pavilion

Pakistan Pavilion

Turkey Pavilion